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Individual Session


Individual Sessions

During one-on-one sessions, I bring my full breath of experience into my support of helping others along their personal healing journey. I hold a safe space and guide intuitively as you discover and connect with your truth. These sessions are for those who want to feel radically alive by releasing what no longer serves them. 

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Sacred Ceremonies

Ceremonial retreats are powerful psychospiritual plant medicine experiences that are transformational. Sacred plant medicine ceremony allows us to connect with ancestral wisdom in an artful and beautiful way, connecting us to our deeper consciousness. Ceremonies are held for both feminine and mixed feminine and masculine energy circles.

Integration Coaching

Motherhood Ceremony

Integration is frequently overlooked, but is important in guiding us through the thoughts and feelings which surface during deep inner work in a safe and compassionate way. Integrating what is uncovered within our subconscious allows us to process and hold on to the revelations in a concrete way; and is an integral part of our personal inner work.

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Through the healing of my own mother wound, the gift of creating space to honor the transition to motherhood was born.  Originating from Native American culture, and traditionally called a Mothers Blessingway, this ritual celebrates and honors an expectant woman and her journey to birth.  Together, with ones chosen circle, we will celebrate the magic and sacredness of bringing life into this world. 


Inspirational Speaking

Shayla shares her story with the purpose of inspiring others to know as they face challenges life puts on their path, this can also lead to self-evolution.  Invite Shayla to share her story.


Click below to send Shayla an email, to book a session, ceremony or ask more questions.

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