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3 Year Cancerversary

"After cancer treatment was completed, I felt things swirling around that I couldn't put a name to. I now know those things were called feelings."

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1 week post-chemotherapy

At Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK), a New York City based cancer treatment hospital that treated me for breast cancer, there is a bell to ring on the last day of your final radiation session; which is typically the final phase of treatment. You ring the bell 3 times. Almost every day, as you sit in the lobby waiting to be called to the back, you hear at least one person ring the bell. You could feel their excitement. You felt your own desire to get to the bell. On October 9, 2018, I rang the bell! It felt surreal and freeing.


When I rang the bell, I thought I would just go back to living the same life I had been living pre-cancer. But I couldn’t. Instead of feeling happy I was finished with treatment, I felt “things” swirling around I could not put a name to.


Inevitably, when I rang the bell at MSK to signify the ending of the breast cancer journey, I started my next journey; one of healing and a spiritual awakening. I did not know the path I was embarking on but I knew I could not ignore what was swirling inside. I now know what cancer brought to the surface was the wound my inner child was carrying; the buried sadness of having a mother who opted out of motherhood by the time I was 3 years old.


Over the course of three years, I embarked on a deep spiritual awakening and healing journey ranged from Core Energetics therapy to multiple plant medicine ceremonies and other various healing modalities. As I uncovered the depths of my wound, I saw how carrying this wound, although buried, created blockages in my life. I realized I had not been living fully. I was just living. 


I rang the bell three times and started on my s(heros) journey to a path of true evolution.  


My heart and soul opened and I began to live more fully as I connect more with my highest self. I started to feel more alive! Life feels really good here and I want to help others ring their own bell and live in their personal truth.  


Let’s ring the bell three times together and say yes to life!

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