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3Bell Evolution was inspired by Shayla Martin's personal experience of beating breast cancer. This life changing experience led her to her souls awakening and to heal buried emotional core wounds of being a motherless child. 


Shayla offers1-on-1 coaching sessions, sacred ceremonies, blessing rituals, and integration coaching. Each being curated for those on a journey of self-discovery and deeper connection.

"Evolving helps us live a more heart open and meaningful life."  

"When you are healing you are becoming aligned with your truth” 

Shayla Martin, Founder, 3Bell Evolution

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“Cancer did not make me a victim. 

I am grateful for the transformed

spirit I have become.”

On October 9th in 2018, I became cancer-free!  I then started experiencing the opening of my heart and with therapy and indigenous plant medicine, I became aware of the core emotional wound that was unconsciously running my life...

Through these experiences, I have gained a pearl of wisdom that now supports my clients on their journey of healing the emotional wounds that hold them back from living an authentic and self-actualized life. 

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Meet Shayla Martin

Founder of 3Bell Evolution

"When speaking with Shayla, I feel safe and I know that I can show up as my authentic self without any fear of being judged, she holds space for me and lets me feel all my feelings. This is hard for a lot of people to do but she does it so effortlessly and it’s always sincere and with so much love. She’s showed me that opening up and showing people you care isn’t a bad thing but your biggest strength".  - Jackie 

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Learn how to work with Shayla

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